Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Opening for Crocodiles

Good news. One of our favorite bands, Crocodiles, are playing Toronto this NxNE and guess what!?
The BB Guns have been put on to open for the Crocodiles (thank you, Dan Burke, he's the man!)
details will be posted when we know em....but get excitied- you do not want to miss this!

p.s. We've got 2 pieces of really exciting news and we are dying to share with you, but we can't.....yet...

....check out the Crocodiles- they've got harsh reviews from Pitchfork, but don't listen to them....this band is awesome.

Also, for you're viewing pleasure, non-related to the band, these are 2 images Laura is obsessing over:

*hint* we'll be playing a cover at our next show (no its not The Specials or The Shangri-Las but sort of similar)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introducing The BB Guns

The BB Guns first live appearance is highly anticipated amongst the Toronto indie music scene. With the inundation of bands hiding behind low-fi fuzz and the backlash of falling short in their live performances, The BB Guns are stepping onto the scene to give a much-needed fresh dose of actual songs and a top notch performance. Band members include guitarist of former all-girl band MachetesAlana DeVee on guitar, frontman from Pkew Pkew PkewMike Warne on drums, and newcomers Charlotte Marie on synth, and Laura Hermiston on guitar and lead vocals.
Recommended if you like:  The Cramps, The Kills, Shop Assistants, The Raveonettes.

Set to play first show January 28th at The Silver Dollar $6

and hey, how cool is this, we're already getting hype, we arguably don't deserve it since we are so new...BUT, at the same time, we get what their trying to say ;) 

we also did an amazing photoshoot with Joe Fuda last weekend, check out his website.
Here is a little sneak peek ;)

love always,